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New Mixtapes!!!!!!!!


Download Fly Guy Veto “Cloud 9 Muzik” here —–> Live Mixtapes

1. Mo Fire
2. Get To It
3. My Airport
4. Motivate Me
5. Look How Far We Came [feat. Singa Boi]
6. Trendsetta [feat. Parlae] 
7. Twerk Sum Right Now [feat. K Major & YSM]
8. Math In The Bed [feat. Singa Boi]
9. Fake Hoes [feat. Padre]
10.Cold World [feat. Bizzie]

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Montana Da Mac “Tana Montana” Download Here

1. Intro
2. Father, God, Holy Ghost
3. Burger King
4. Club Shit, Thug Shit [feat. Yung Fresh]
5. On Everythang I Love
6. Fuck Bitches, Get Money
7. Dope
8. Fuck’em All
9. Roll up
10.Life of The Party
12.Whole Hood On [feat. Young Booke & Fresh]    
13.All $he Want Iz Cash
14.Sum Bout U
15.It’s a 3.0
16.All Night Long


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